Forms and Documents

Below you will find the latest forms and documents for you new home

  • Walk Through Documents

    Documents for your Superintendent to review during your walk through.
  • Home Use and Care Manual

    This guide describes the proper use and care of the items in your home.
  • Maintenance Sheet

    Breakdown of homeowner’s maintenance items and when they should be done.
  • Buyers Checklist

    This form is for you to fill out and turn in with any items that you feel are not correct in your new home. This is when all cosmetic items would be covered.
  • Contract Review

    Form that needs to be filled out and signed to indicate that you have received the information listed and the home is free of flaws.
  • Yearend Letter

    We hope you have found your home and The Villages to be a fantastic place to live.
  • Yearend Survey

    Survey to be completed at the yearend so you can let us know how we did during your first year’s warranty.
  • Closing Survey

    Survey to be fill out after closing on your home. This is to rate the experience that you had with our team.
  • 30 Day Courtesy Services

    Courtesy Services that are above and beyond the 2-10 Home Buyer’s Warranty
  • Certainteed Shingle Warranty

    Information for your Certainteed Shingle Warranty
  • Extended Vacancy

    Helpful suggestions for leaving your home for an extended period of time.