After Hours Emergency

The Proudly Built By sticker located on your electrical panel box indicates the original installer for Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC. Please call the appropriate contractors directly and an after-hours service technician will be dispatched to assist you.

Emergency services include:

  • Total loss of A/C with the outside temperature above 85
  • Total loss of heat with the outside temperature below 60 Degrees
  • Total loss of electricity (not caused by nature or the power company)
  • Plumbing leak resulting in total loss of water or in need of water remediation
  • Total sewage stoppage

Any call that fails to classify as an emergency in which a service technician/subcontractor is asked to respond during non-business hours may result in a service charge being billed to the homeowner by the subcontractor.

For plumbing leaks please shut off the water supply. Your main water shut off is located in the garage. Please turn the red or blue valve a ¼ turn to shut off the water to the whole home if needed.

For plumbing backups please stop usage of water in your home until the plumber responds to your call.

For emergency services during normal business hours; Monday through Friday 8am-4pm, please call the Warranty Department at 352-753-6222.

For after-hours emergencies please call 352-753-1954. For qualifying non-natural disaster related emergency services your call will be returned. For leaks or damages caused by a natural disaster or weather-related event please reach out to your home owners’ insurance for assistance.

Messages left for non-emergency calls will not be returned after hours.